Excavation pits & pile foundations

Pile foundations for Örtofta sugar silo, Sweden.

In February 2016, Nordzucker Sweden hired Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH to build a new sugar silo in the Swedish town of Örtofta. FRANKI was awarded the contract for the pile foundations. The 80,000-tonne sugar silo will be 67 metres high, and will have a diameter of 48 metres. FRANKI used two pile drivers to work on around 260 “Mega piles” (Frankipile NG) with diameters measuring 71 cm from April to June 2016. The silo is due to be completed in September 2017.

260 Mega piles (Frankipile NG), d = 71 cm

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Zuckersilo Örtofta

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