Excavation pits & pile foundations

Diaphragm wall in Austria. New-build bank headquarters in Linz

The new corporate headquarters of Oberbank AG is currently under construction on the site of the former Allianz building at Untere Donau-
lände 36 in the Austrian city of Linz. The distinctive building will provide some 12,300 m2 of floorspace. One particular eye-catcher will be the approx. 65 m long glass bridge spanning Kaisergasse, which will link
the new facility to the existing Oberbank building. The concept for the
new headquarters was masterminded by project developer L-Bau-Engineering.

FRANKI's first diaphragm wall site in Austria
Contractor HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft mbH, based in the nearby town of Perg, appointed FRANKI to install a tied-back diaphragm wall – thereby awarding FRANKI its first diaphragm wall contract in Aus-
tria. Given that the basement levels extend below the water table, a key
focus was the provision of a watertight pit. The subsoil comprises fill and
coarse gravel, which overlie silty clay and siltstone at a depth of approx. 17 m.

Subsoil voids

It became evident, from the very start of the diaphragm wall works, that
the gravel was coarser than expected and also contained large voids.
This meant that considerably more support fluid was needed than plan-
ned. To facilitate the diaphragm walling operations, VIT (a member of
the FRANKI Group) injected a mix of cement, bentonite and stone flour
into the ground. In the course of the works, the site team encountered
numerous obstructions such as rocks that had to be removed.
FRANKI completed the diaphragm walling in mid-June 2015. VIT then started work on installing the anchors. HABAU is scheduled to hand
over the finished office building to Oberbank at the end of 2016.

Contract works:
4.310 m² diaphragm wall, d = 60 cm, L ≤ 19 m
1.838 m ground injections
92 temporary strand anchors, L ≤ 19 m, Zk ≤ 770 kN

Would you like to know more?
Project manager: Paul van der Lubbe
Tel.: +43 676 6111997

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