Excavation pits & pile foundations

Federal bank branch office Dortmund: Franki piles support Germany’s latest cash warehouse

The German Federal Bank invested no less than 300 million euros in its new branch office in Dortmund. Fortunately, this valuable piece of real estate will not only be secured by walls and an official moat, but will also stand on sturdy Franki piles! In the 2nd quarter 2019, the Federal Bank wants to start using the various buildings. On the roughly 80,000 square-meter premises that could hold more than ten football pitches, a great deal of cash will be put into safekeeping - in a huge safe: high-bay storage with the latest logistics technology along with twelve loading halls for stacked banknotes and three loading halls just for the coins. That all adds up to a great deal of weight! The new branch office will be used - along with supplying banks and companies - to serve citizens; for instance as a place to go to for exchanging leftover D-Marks. Since conceivably high supporting loads in the foundation soil need to be transferred, the building owner had pile-load tests performed to be able to optimally utilise the load-bearing capacity of the piles. Based on its high load-bearing capacity, the choice fell on the tried and tested FRANKI PILE NG.

Franki pile system with great cost effectiveness
The static load test was already performed back in October 2014 in accordance with the high requirements for EA piles. The measuring system proved: more than 80 percent of the test loads of 13,500 kN are transferred through the pile footing. The result even exceeded the expectations. FRANKI was then given the contract for the piled foundation. There are thick slit layers on the site section and their consistencies range between mushy-soft and semisolid-rigid. These had to be driven through to be able to set the Franki piles onto the underlying marl/lime marl stone as end-bearing piles.

Due to tight scheduling: Up to pile drivers simultaneously
One special challenge was the tight schedule with restricted working times. It provided for a working time of a mere 13 weeks. Since the material testing institute works in the immediate vicinity with extremely sensitive measuring instruments however, FRANKI was only allowed to drive between 2 and 8 pm. To compensate for this obstacle, FRANKI deployed up to five Franki pile drivers simultaneously. The foundation work is scheduled to be completed by mid-February 2016.

720 FRANKI PILES NG, d = 71 cm, L ≤ 22 m, Nk up to 5,000 kN
720 FRANKI PILES NG, d = 61 cm, L ≤ 22 m, Nk up to 3,600 kN
3 static load tests, test load up to 13,500 kN

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