Excavation pits & pile foundations

FRANKIPILES used for residential development in Stuttgart

Sound-insulation mat makes all the difference
The VillenGarten residential project in the north-west of Stuttgart, sche-
duled for completion by the end of 2016, encompasses seven cubist apartment blocks containing a total of 115 units. A pile foundation was needed for the scheme, which occupies the former Azenberg site in the Relenberg district.

Expert counselling as key to contract award
Initially, the use of driven piles was an inconceivable option for the inner-
city residential district. FRANKI nonetheless drew the attention of the geotechnical surveyor, Dr. Pfirrmann from Bruchsal, to the merits of FRANKIPILE NG as an alternative solution. The inner ramming tech-
nique make relatively low vibration levels an inherent feature of the FRANKIPILE NG.
Moreover, the driving energy during installation can be flexibly control-
led. As an additional measure to further reduce noise emissions,
FRANKI also proposed the use of a sound-insulation mat. After the geotechnical surveyor had been won over by the vibration and sound pressure level measurements from previous projects, Stuttgart-based contractor Gustav Epple GmbH appointed FRANKI to implement its alternative FRANKIPILE NG proposal.

Solifluction soil and creeping debris
The site is located on a mainly south-east-facing slope. The ground comprises up to 6 m deep fill, which overlies a 1.5-4.5 m thick layer of solifluction soil and creeping debris. The Gypsum Keuper typical of the Stuttgart area begins at a depth of 6.5-9 m. Preliminary excavations
were performed to a depth of 3-4 m prior to the start of driving.

No complaints during driving operations
After the site had been certified as being free from explosive ordnance, FRANKI proceeded to install the FRANKIPILES NG. Use of the sound-insulation mat made a major contribution to the achievement of signifi-
cant noise reductions, ensuring trouble-free compliance with the "AVV-
Baulärm" (General Administrative Regulation for the Protection against Construction Noise). Not a single local resident complained about noise from the site. FRANKI successfully completed the works at the end of April 2015.

Contract works:
263 FRANKIPILES NG, d = 51 cm, Nk ≤ 1.800 kN, L ≤ 11,0 m
Use of sound-insulation mat
Vibration measurements

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Tel.: 0711 65510413

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