Excavation pits & pile foundations

Hamburg Heights: Hotel and office building on erstwhile Spiegel areal

Where Spiegel Publisher employees previously took a break in their designer cafeteria FRANKI is now skilfully creating three new structures: Not far from HafenCity and the historic Speicherstadt, Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH is planning an exciting project on the former Spiegel premises: “Hamburg Heights” in which adjacent to two revitalizing office high-rises (Heights 1 + 2), the new construction project (Heights 3) is arising as the "Adina Apartment Hotel" together with Sections 4 and 5. In May 2015 FRANKI obtained the contract to produce the building pit (Lot 1).

Even the Spiegel cafeteria used to stand on Franki piles
FRANKI erected the girder and plank wall in a space-saving design as so-called "Essen-type shoring” since later in some sections of the building pit there won’t be any space between the building and the shoring wall. The foundation soil is made of backfills, about nine meters of peat and clay containing sea silt, before the load-bearing sand-layer is placed. The cafeteria and underground car park of the Spiegel Publishers have already been removed. They were already standing on 170 old Franki piles that FRANKI had to reluctantly demolish. Under the foundations of the underground car park there were also remnants of bricked strip foundations made during pre-war construction. In days gone by, roads and canals also ran across the site section.

Power transmission line routed
One of the challenges was the construction pit floor which lay up to six metres under the ground line. Since the average groundwater table is a mere 4.6 metres under the ground line, dewatering is necessary. During the work, a 110-kV power transmission line also had to be diverted. In addition, the work is aggravated by the refurbishment of both existing buildings, which are 12 respectively 16 floors high. The logistics required for this task demanded large areas that were not available to FRANKI.

Vibration eliminating Atlas piles
In September 2015 FRANKI received the contract for the piled foundation in Lot 2. From November 2015 to January 2016 FRANKI produced the Atlas piles in the building pit vibration-free. In accordance with the marketing of the eastern section, there is a prospect for a follow-up order comprising another 140 Atlas piles. And by the way: The listed Speigel cafeteria can now be viewed in the Hamburg Museum for Arts and Crafts.

2.000 m² girder and plank wall as “Essen-type shoring” with 600 m² wood web bracing and 1,400 m² sprayed concrete web bracing
110 temporary strand anchors, Zk ≤ 600 kN, L ≤ 22 m
12,000 m³ excavation work
4,500 m² explosive ordnance and bomb detection
360 Atlas piles, ds/db = 46/56 cm, Nk ≤ 1,800 kN, L ≤ 15 m
1 static pile load test

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