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Hammer Straße in Hamburg – the barriers vanish!

A major traffic artery in the eastern part of Hamburg is being given a facelift - with help from FRANKI. Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer Hamburg (LSBG) (Hamburg, Agency of Roads, Bridges and Water) wants to replace both protected level-crossings in a regional stretch of track and the main Hamburg-Lübeck route with a retained cut construction. The goal is the unobstructed flow of commuter traffic to and from Motorways A1 and A24 starting in 2018. Producing the 360 metre long structure requires a watertight building pit.

Down to 20 metres depth: Watertight shoring walls
At the beginning of 2015, the consortium of FRANKI and Aug. Prien GmbH & Co. KG received the order for the turnkey production of the retained cut construction. FRANKI is responsible for the creation of the entire building pit. Since the excavation reaches down 15 metres into the groundwater, it is necessary to erect watertight shoring walls. They reach down into the marly till which is placed about 20 metres deep and seal the building pit from below. FRANKI reacted to the varying boundary conditions with highly varied shoring types: these include girder and plank walls above the groundwater, leak proof walls with adjusted sheet-pile walls or prefabricated parts outside the railway areas along with overcut bored pile walls and slotted walls in the railway areas. Due to the deep excavation, temporary anchors secure the building pit in up to five layers.

Due to shutdown periods: High utilisation of personnel and equipment
Especially challenging is the work in the railway track area: Work is permitted there only in highly restricted shutdown periods. Keeping the tightly scheduled times demands high personnel and equipment usage. In one long shutdown period in January 2016 with two slotting units FRANKI produced the slotted walls underneath the main Hamburg–Lübeck route which was completely blocked during this time.

Planned services:
20,000 m² leak proof wall, d = 60 cm with set sheet pile wall
1,600 m² bored pile wall, d = 88 cm
900 temporary strand anchors, Zk ≤ 500 kN, L ≤ 15.0 m
70,000 m³ excavation work

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Project manager: Uwe Häusser
Tel.: 04105 869-218

Hammer Straße in HamburgHammer Straße in Hamburg

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