Excavation pits & pile foundations

Quarter HC 34 Major project in Hamburg Hafencity

The construction work for the largest projects in Hamburg Hafencity have finally begun: On the Sandtor pier on an approximately 6,400 square meter property Quarter HC 34, a mixture of a hotel, cinema, retail stores, gastronomy and apartments plus a public underground car park with 280 parking spaces is arising. The 120-million euro project should be completed in 2017. In August 2015 FRANKI was given the order - in tried and true cooperative association with Eggers Tiefbau GmbH - for the entire building pit and the piled foundation.

Still in the foundation soil today: the quay walls of Kaiserhafen
The site section used to hold the Kaiserhafen whose basin was later filled in. The old quay walls are still in the foundation soil and are a massive obstacle for the drilling work. In the quay walls there were also large hollow spaces that had to be filled in advance by the company VIT (a member of the FRANKI Group) with low-pressure injections. Just as in Subsection 3 of the Overseas Quarter, a district-heating pipeline crosses the site section. This requires a special shoring construction for the bored pile wall in this area. Since the site section in the northern area is not flood-safe, additional measures are required there: Concrete precast parts will be installed between the I-beams and the connections will be sealed with well foam. The upper edge of the concrete slabs lies at a height of 6.50 m above sea level. During the great storm surge of 1962 in Hamburg, the water level at the St. Pauli water depth gauge reached a height of 5.70 above sea level.
Starting mid-September 2015, with three pieces of equipment FRANKI will be producing bored piling that will later be eliminated or which will form overcut bored pile walls with I-beam shoring in subsections. The VIT is now a temporary anchor. Later on, displacement bored pilings for the base and the final grade will follow. The handover of the completed building pit is scheduled for March 2016.

191 bored piles, d = 75 cm, L ≤ 20 m, eliminated (partially overcut) bored pile walls in the upper section with I-beam shoring, in the lower section with sprayed concrete web bracing
130 temporary strand anchors, ZK ≤ 800 kN, L ≤ 30 m
Interior reinforcement in the area of the district-heating tunnel
50,000 m³ excavation work
500 displacement bored piles, d = 52 cm, NK ≤ 1,800 kN, L ≤ 20 m
500 displacement bored piles, d = 61 cm, NK ≤ 2,200 kN, L ≤ 20 m

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Quartier HC34Quartier HC34Quartier HC34

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