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Campus Tower Hamburg HafenCity.

A complex of offices and residential units with two-level underground car park and a 56-m-high tower is being built on site 80 at Hamburg’s Baakenhafen. The work is subject to the strict requirements of the HafenCity gold environmental seal. The client developer is Hamburg-based Garbe Immobilien-Projekte GmbH.

Joint venture with Eggers Tiefbau GmbH
FRANKI teamed up with Eggers Tiefbau GmbH for this complex construction project. Eggers is responsible for explosives probes, earthwork, drainage and foundation courses, while FRANKI is responsible for enclosing the pit and providing the foundations. The alternative involving a bored pile wall with I-beams proved to be the key cost advantage over the competitors. FRANKI manufactured partial displacement bored piles from April to November 2016. isg performed two static test loads for the 80-cm piles.

Different conditions call for different systems
Different and in some cases unusual conditions at the property boundaries required four different systems to secure the pit. Old foundations were perforated around the abutment of the Baakenhafenbrücke (west), and a bored pile wall with I-beams was created. A soldier pile retaining wall with bracing was built for the adjacent construction on the eastern side, while a concrete seal was fitted at the bottom in order to separate the aquiferous layers. An old pier complex from 1888 is located in the south-eastern section. A sheet pile wall was pressed in here to extend the seepage path from the port basin. The bored pile wall had to be fitted with diagonal strutting against the base plate at the northern end due to the fact that the tunnel of subway line U4 lay directly behind this section. For this reason, Hochtief Building started making the base parallel to the excavated material in order to create the side supports. This was followed by excavations between/under the struts. The struts were then removed once the ceiling above the second basement level was complete.

1,250 sq m bored pile wall with 450 sq m wood infill
    800 sq m shotcrete infill
300 sq m soldier pile retaining wall
150 sq m pressed sheet pile wall
62 temporary cable strand anchors, l ≤ 25 m, Zk ≤ 555 kN
50 t steel strutting
20.000 m³ excavated material
Subconcrete and water level reduction in the deep sections
90 VB piles, d = 80 cm, Nk ≤ 3500 kN, Zk ≤ -1000 kN
250 VB piles d = 62 cm, Nk ≤ 2300 kN, Zk ≤ -500 kN
2 static test loads with strict requirements
35 integrity measurements

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Project Manager: David Hölscher
Tel.: +49 4105 8690

Campus Tower Hamburg HafenCity

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