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Target markets

Precise market knowledge and a strong local partner: the foundation for our entry into new markets.

PORR is represented on selected international project markets with its core infrastructure competencies in the fields of bridge, railway, tunnel and road construction. At the same time, we are constantly reviewing new markets.

Before we make the decision to enter a new market we undertake an extensive exploration of the market environment. In order to conduct our risk assessments, it is imperative that we are very familiar with the local conditions and that we have correctly judged the market. One of the greatest challenges in an international context is a professional approach to a huge variety of technical, cultural, legal and societal conventions and practices.

This is why we at PORR have decided only to enter new countries with a strong, reliable, local partner by our side. Our experience shows that both parties benefit from this. Our partners profit from our specialist expertise, while we benefit from their proximity to the market.

Among others, our target markets currently include the Scandinavian nations of Sweden and Denmark.