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Cut-off wall “Kalkteich 18” in Bernburg

Photo: The construction machines are busy with the excavation. Then the cut-off wall is inserted.
Facts and Figures
Company FRANKI Grundbau GmbH & Co. KG
PrincipalSOLVAY Chemicals GmbH
LocationBernburg - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Runtime10.2014 - 10.2015

Fed into the right channels.

SOLVAY Chemicals GmbH, Bernburg plant, operates several rinsing heaps for wastewater from soda production. The lime pond 18 below lies on a hill and causes a further, northward directed outflow towards the village of Latdorf by the further planned increase, along with the controlled eastern groundwater outflow in the direction of river Saale. This "uncontrolled" discharge should be secured by FRANKI by a combination of measures consisting of a cut-off wall, drainage slot and horizontal drainage. The cut-off wall covers the north flank and a large part of the north-east flank. In this way, it was ensured that the water from the sedimentation basin is fed "into the right channels" and that it flows as planned from the lime pond near Latdorf in the direction of river Saale.

Since the surface of the pond is located on the ice edge of the Saale-I glaciation, a very heterogeneous layer package was created by the change of melting ice and intermittent ice protrusions in the terminal moraine area. In strongly varying thicknesses sandy or clayey boulder marl alternates with sands, gravel and scree horizons. Below the quaternary deposits, clay and siltstones of the red sandstone line up at a depth of approximately 14 to 18 m. The upper edge of the layers of red sandstone slopes north/northeast similar to the morphology.

The construction work was carried out in two-shift operation. Due to the total length of the cut-off wall of 980 m, a mobile guide wall was used. The largest pump distance between the mixing plant and the lamella was 1,400 m. Due to the rural location, the mixing water also had to be supplied via a 600 m long supply line and the energy supply had to be ensured via a 500 kVA generator.