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Landfill enclosure

Photo: The diaphragm wall grab in use. In the background is another construction machine.
Facts and Figures
Company FRANKI Grundbau GmbH & Co. KG
PrincipalHeijmans Infra Technik B.V.
LocationKoornwand - Netherlands
Type Specialist civil engineering
Contract duration07.2018 - in progress
Runtime03.2008 - 08.2008

A cut-off wall for environmental protection.

Until the 1970s, household and industrial waste was dumped at the Koornward landfill in the immediate vicinity of river Meuse. In order to meet the increased requirements in the field of environmental protection, FRANKI enclosed part of the landfill with a cut-off wall. In order to greatly reduce the discharge of contaminated water from the landfill towards the Meuse in the future, the cut-off wall was led 2.0 m deep into the water-retaining Brabant clay. This resulted in slot depths of up to 19 m. 

Prefabricated elements were used as guide walls, which were erected in sections and dismantled in this area after completion of the cut-off wall and reused in other areas. 

In order to avoid health hazards for the employees, the work was carried out completely in black and white operation. The result of the SCC audit proved the exemplary implementation, also with regard to occupational safety. 

In the course of the work, cavities were slit twice, which had to be filled with several 100 m3 of suspension. This did not endanger the compliance with the high quality requirements for the cut-off wall.