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Quarter KPTN HC 34 in the HafenCity

Photo: Large excavation pit with different construction equipment working in parallel to construct the bored pile wall, excavate the pit and construct the pile foundation. In the background the buildings of Überseequartier.
Facts and Figures
Company FRANKI Grundbau GmbH & Co. KG
PrincipalHC34 GmbH & Co. KG c/o DC Commercial GmbH & Co. KG
LocationHamburg - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Contract duration07.2018 - in progress
Runtime07.2015 - 03.2016

When parallel working is required.

The KPTN quarter HC 34, a mix of hotel, cinema, retail, gastronomy and apartments as well as a public underground car park with 280 spaces, is located on a 6,400 m2 site at Sandtorkai in Hamburg. FRANKI was awarded the contract for the complete excavation pit and pile foundation in August 2015 - in proven cooperation with Eggers Tiefbau GmbH.

The Kaiserhafen was once located on the construction site and its basin was later filled up. The old quay walls were still present in the building ground and severely hindered the drilling work. The large cavities in the walls had to be filled with low-pressure injections in advance. This work was carried out by VIT, a former FRANKI subsidiary and today a subsidiary of our sister company Stump. As with subfield 2 of Überseequartier, a district heating pipeline crosses the construction site. This required a special support structure for the bored pile wall. 


The upper edge of the concrete slabs is 6.50 m above sea level. During the great storm tide of 1962 in Hamburg, the water level at the St. Pauli gauge reached a height of 5.70 m above sea level. As the construction site in the northern area is therefore not flood-proof, additional measures were required there: Precast concrete elements were installed between the plug-in beams and the connections were sealed with well foam. 

FRANKI produced bored piles with three devices, which later formed the dissolved or intersected bored pile wall with plug-in girder shoring in partial areas. Subsequently, VIT produced temporary anchors. Displacement bored piles for the foundation and the fine level followed in the further course.