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Specialists for excavation pits and pile foundations.

Specialist civil engineering is a task for true specialists aware of the high level of responsibility involved. The procedures for foundations, subsoil sealing, rock-face, embankment and construction stabilisation measures have to be accurately coordinated. They must cater for the respective soil quality as well as for the intended purpose. Under the umbrella of PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA, FRANKI together with its subsidiaries fulfils particularly demanding requirements. Our teams stand for reliability and flexibility.

We always take the entire construction project into consideration. In this way, we play a substantial role in the optimisation of processes. Our foundation engineering network understands itself as the supporter of building owners, general contractors or engineers. We interlink individual trades, and profit from our own equipment technology as well as the experience values of our comprehensive pile load test archive.

In case of challenging foundation soil, we determine comparable test loads and assess these. From the optimisation of statics via pile plans, right up to the 3D execution plans, the engineers at our planning office Ingenieurservice Grundbau GmbH (isg) work closely with us during all preparations.

Frankipile NG®
The high-performance pile.
Excavation pits
Our systems for secure excavation pits.
Building redevelopment
We create safe foundations.
Simplex pile
For rapid construction progression.
Bored piles
Flexible and strong.
Sealing walls
We protect groundwater.