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VB pile


The VB pile is a partial displacement pile. It is used in particular wherever less expensive driven piles cannot be executed for environmental reasons or if screw piles cannot reach the specific deposit depths due to the foundation soil situation.


The FRANKI VB pile is drilled using an auger with a large hollow stem auger diameter with simultaneous lateral soil displacement and only partial drilling to a previously-defined planned depth. The auger is then closed off water-tight with a lost base plate. After installation of the reinforcing cage into the hollow stem auger and pumping of the concrete up over the top ground surface, the auger is then pulled out. During this process, the base plate is released, and the empty cavity is then immediately backfilled with concrete through continuous pumping and pulling.

Economic viability.

The low set-up times and fast manufacture of these piles results in the high economic viability and short construction time for the FRANKI VB pile in comparison with other DIN EN 1536 pile systems. Due to the displacement effect, the VB pile also possesses a higher load capacity than a conventional bored pile.

Environmental friendliness.

The FRANKI VB pile is manufactured vibration-free and low-noise. Therefore, this pile system is particularly suitable for foundations in densely-populated areas and in the area of vibration-sensitive neighbouring buildings.


The measurement and manufacture of the FRANKI VB piles takes place in accordance with DIN EN 1536 as well as the recommendations by the Piling Working Group.

The advantages.

  • Partial soil displacement
  • Vibration-free
  • Low-noise