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Diaphragm walls

The Diaphragm wall when working under restricted height.


Cast-in-place concrete diaphragm walls are used if the existing development only permits minor deformations and the groundwater level exceeds the excavation base.

Diaphragm walls can also be manufactured as solid excavation pit linings directly next to an existing development. As a supporting structure, they can also permanently bear loads.


From a working height of approximately 5 m, the manufacture of diaphragm walls is generally possible. The minimum distance to the existing development totals at least 30 cm. Diaphragm walls are manufactured low-noise and vibration-free in a two-phase procedure. Individual slats are lifted out with grabs. Once the planned slot depth is reached, a reinforcing cage is suspended in a length according to the statics requirements. The slat is concreted using the Tremie method.

We execute diaphragm walls in wall thicknesses of 45150 cm.


The manufacture of diaphragm walls takes place in accordance with DIN 4126 or DIN EN 1538 as well as the recommendations by the Excavation Pit Working Group (EAB).