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Steel pipe pile


The steel pipe pile is particularly suitable for reinforcing existing foundations on existing buildings with restricted space conditions, as only limited distances are required to the existing development. In the case of areas in excavation pits which are hard to access, the steel pipe pile can also supplement other pile systems. Further application possibilities are the use of steel pipe piles as a subsequent, additional foundation element, for example for existing power poles or under bridge structures.


Due to the low pile driver weight and the energy introduction into the pipe base, manufacture can take place with low emissions both with regard to the noise and the vibration development. In contrast to other procedures, the manufacture takes place without using flushing fluid; the working level remains clean and dry.   

Through the full soil displacement, no soil material has to be transported. This excludes the risk of soil loosening. The pile system has proven its worth multiple times at contaminated locations.

Electric drive.

When executing work within buildings, a ramming device with electric drive is also available. This means that no exhaust gases are generated during execution in enclosed spaces.


The measurement and the manufacture of steel pipe piles takes place in accordance with DIN 1054 and DIN EN 12699.