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Displacement piles

For high loads.

Our work is characterised through the internationally-renowned Frankipile. It offers particular advantages wherever high loads have to be transferred or where foundation soil with a high load capacity lies at greater depths. The pile system has a multitude of execution versions and can therefore be adapted individually to very different foundation soil conditions and construction site situations.

In addition to this, we also work using other displacement piles. In this way, we can always align the foundations individually to your project and remain optimised in technical and economic terms.

Displacement piles in accordance with DIN EN 12699

The DIN EN 12699 displacement piles include all types of piles which are manufactured without the excavation or removal of earth. Displacement piles can be rammed, vibrated, pressed, turned or inserted into the soil in a combination of these procedures. The minimum pile diameter totals 15 cm.

Selected projects.