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Atlas pile

Low-noise and vibration-free.

The Atlas pile is a full displacement bore pile (VVB) acc. DIN EN 12699. This low-noise pile system is frequently used in inner-city locations to prevent residents being disturbed by unnecessary construction noise. Due to the vibration-free manufacture, the Atlas pile is also highly suitable for use directly next to sensitive structures.

Comparison Atlas pile und Fundex pile.


A steel pipe onto which a replaceable auger head is fastened at the bottom is pressed into the ground in a screwing motion. Due to the auger head, the soil is laterally displaced or compacted. The auger head is sealed water-tight with a lost closing nut tip.  

The auger head and the pipe are screwed vibration-free into the ground using a rotary drive with simultaneous pressure. The hydraulic drive pressure is measured when it is screwed in and compared with the foundation soil information, such as the drilling profiles, sounding diagrams etc. After achieving the required drive pressure, the reinforcing cage is inserted. The pipe and the reservoir are filled with concrete. The pipe and the auger head are withdrawn by screwing them backwards. During this process, the base tip is released and the auger head forms the thread-like pile. The concrete column in the pipe and reservoir with its large static overpressure immediately fills the released cavity with concrete. Therefore, a spiral concrete bulge approximately 5 cm in thickness is formed in the ground around the pile shaft.

Environmental friendliness.

Through the full soil displacement, the pile system is also highly suitable for contaminated sites. In order to prevent the base being dragged during pile manufacture, we use a 60-degree base tip when drilling through the contaminated layer. Alternatively, we can also work using a seal filling to prevent the transportation of pollutants down into deeper layers.

Economic viability.

The low set-up times, the rapid pile manufacture and the high load-bearing capacity of the thread-like Atlas pile result in high economic viability and short construction times. The introduction procedure and the inspection of the required resistances facilitate good adaptation of the pile lengths to alternating ground layers.

The advantages.

  • Characteristic pile loads up to 2,000 kN
  • Higher skin friction
  • Full soil displacement
  • Excellent resistant settling characteristics
  • Vibration-free
  • Low-noise
  • High daily performance