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Frankipile NG®

The high-performance pile.

The internationally-renowned Frankipile NG® is mainly used wherever foundation soil with a high load capacity lies at greater depths or where high loads have to be transferred. The diversity of the execution variations facilitates the individual adaptation to very different foundation soil conditions and construction site situations. Both vertical piles and inclined piles can be executed tilted up to 4:1. In addition, the pile is also suitable for the adsorption of tensile loads due to its widened base.


Typical areas of application for the Frankipile NG®:

  • Bridge structures
  • Wind power plants
  • Crane tracks
  • Dock bases
  • Industrial buildings
  • Heavy-duty surfaces and much more


Particularly economical.

Through the targeted adaptation of the possible execution versions on the foundation soil and the construction site situation, optimised exploitation can be achieved with regard to the load capacity and pile length. The use of this product in the building industry for over 100 years is due to its sophisticated technology, the high standards of execution and the outstanding economic viability.

The advantages.

  • Characteristic pile loads up to 6,000 kN
  • Full soil displacement
  • Excellent resistance settling characteristics
  • Additional soil improvement possible using gravel pre-compaction (KVV)
  • Limitation of settling depth
  • Low noise emission in comparison to head ramming
  • Reduction in the number of piles and foundation dimensions
  • Highly economical due to reductions in concrete and steel quantities