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Fundex pile

Noise-reduced and vibration-free.

The Fundex pile is a full displacement pile (VVB) acc. DIN EN 12699. This pile system is mainly highly suitable for inner-city areas. Due to the low-noise application, the inhabitants are not disturbed by unnecessary construction noise. Because the manufacture also takes place vibration-free, the Fundex pile can also be used directly next to sensitive buildings.

Comparison Atlas pile and Fundex pile.


A thick-walled steel pipe which is sealed water-tight through a spiral base tip is pressed down into the ground in a screwing motion. The tip laterally displaces the soil and compacts the earth around the pile.

The hydraulic drive pressure is measured when the pile is screwed in and compared with the foundation soil information, such as the drilling profiles, sounding diagrams etc. After achieving the required target depth, the reinforcing cage is inserted.

The pipe is filled with concrete. By pulling the casing pipe and turning it to the left and right, the concrete exits the bottom of the pipe. The smooth shaft of the Fundex pile results. The base tip remains in the foundation soil as the pile base.

Environmental friendliness.

Due to the full soil displacement, the pile system is also highly suitable for use in contaminated locations. In order to avoid the base being dragged during manufacture of the pile, we use a 60-degree base tip when drilling through the contaminated layer. Alternatively, we can also work using a seal filling to prevent the transportation of pollutants down into deeper layers.

Economic viability.

The low set-up times, the rapid pile manufacture and the high load-bearing capacity of the Fundex pile result in high economic viability and short construction times. The introduction procedure and the inspection of the required resistances facilitate good adaptation of the pile lengths to alternating ground layers.

The advantages.

  • Characteristic pile loads up to 1,500 kN
  • Comparably high tip pressure resistance
  • Full soil displacement
  • Good resistance settling characteristics
  • Vibration-free
  • Low-noise
  • High daily performance