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Pile foundation for Berlin’s city harbour district

Photo: The excavation pit of Berlin’s city harbour district is directly next to the water canal. In the front area, a drill rig brings in an Atlas pile.
Facts and Figures
PrincipalBerlin’s city harbour district
LocationBerlin - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Runtime10.2016 - 04.2017

607 Atlas piles for Berlin’s city harbour district

The construction of the new city harbour district, Europacity, Berlin, is planned on a 40 ha plot of land in Heidestraße, north of Berlin’s main station, not far from the Spandau Ship Canal, designed to combine residential, gastronomy, retail and office spaces.

Between November 2016 and May 2017, FRANKI carried out three construction phases with full displacement piles, System Atlas, with a diameter of 46/56 cm and lengths of between 9 and 18 m for the new construction of 302 homes and six commercial units. The isg assisted with the development of the piles and the integrity measurements. The completion of the construction project is planned for the beginning of 2019.


607 Atlas piles,

ds/db = 46/56 cm,

Nd ≤ 2,670 / -905 kN


L ≤ 18 m