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Bored piles

Flexible and strong.

Bored piles are used for deep foundations or in the form of a bore pile wall to secure excavation pits. Their manufacture takes place with or without piping, in which the drilled cavity is backfilled with concrete or reinforced concrete. We use the low-noise and vibration-free bored pile in situations where high construction loads have to be transferred and other systems are unable to cope.

Bored piles acc. DIN EN 1536 are manufactured through soil excavation. The diameter of the bored piles lies between 0.3 and 3.0 m. They are manufactured vertically or up to a pile incline of 3:1. Shaft and base widenings are permitted.   

The requirements of the DIN EN 1536 for use of the non-piped bore with continuous auger (continuous flight auger piles) have been more stringently regulated. In case of unstable ground layers with a thickness of more than the pile diameter, the feasibility of the procedure now has to be verified through test piles or local experience.

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