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Atlas pile

The Atlas pile when working under restricted height.


The Atlas pile is manufactured vibration-free and low-noise. Due to the full soil displacement, loosening of the ground is excluded. This also permits work to be carried out in contaminated soils.


The method of insertion and the inspection of the required resistances facilitates good adaptation of the pile lengths to alternating ground layers. Within the scope of quality assurance, the manufacturing parameters can be automatically recorded. For the manufacture under restricted construction heights, a working height of at least 9.50 m is required. The minimum distance to existing developments totals approximately 80 cm.


The measurement and manufacture of Atlas piles takes place in accordance with DIN 1054 and DIN EN 12699. For preliminary measurements, experience values both for cohesive and non-cohesive soils are stated for the Atlas pile in the recommendations by the Piling Working Group.