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Simplex pile

For rapid construction progression.

The FRANKI-Simplex pile is a low-cost driven cast-in-place concrete pile. It can be used as a deep foundation element for constructions of all kinds, including the following:

  • Logistics centres
  • Industrial buildings
  • Crane tracks
  • Wind power plants


Environmental friendliness.

Through the full soil displacement, the foundation soil is improved and no ground material has to be transported. This saves transport and disposal costs. The Simplex pile has proven its worth multiple times, in particularly also during construction projects in contaminated locations. Over and above this, the Simplex pile can be used as an energy pile.

Economic efficiency.

The Simplex pile convinces through its low manufacturing time. In suitable conditions, it is particularly suitable for foundations with a large number of piles as well as specified large anchorage lengths in foundation soil which is able to bear loads.

The advantages.

  • Characteristic pile loads up to 2,800 kN´
  • Full soil displacement
  • Good resistance settling characteristics
  • Very high daily performance