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Bore pile walls


Bore piles can be manufactured as single piles, in pile groups or as a pile wall. If the piles overlap, it is also possible for them to take on a sealing function. The manufacture of bore piles takes place with low vibrations in all types of soil. 


Depending on the static and sealing requirements, there are different possibilities for the manufacture of low-deformation bore pile walls:

  • Overlapped pile walls: These are used if the excavation pit has to be sealed off against groundwater. The bore piles are produced with overlaps and only every second pile is reinforced.
  • Tangential pile wall: Used if no groundwater reaches the excavation base and therefore no overlapping is necessary. The distance between the bore piles is adapted to the requirements.
  • Contiguous pile wall: The intermediate spaces are for example filled out with shotcrete.


During the manufacture of drill piles, the earth walls are supported through casing pipes or bentonite suspension. In order to guide the casing pipes or the drilling tool, a drill template is produced at the top ground surface. After reaching the planned depth, a reinforcing cage is placed in the borehole. If the drilling process is conducted under suspension support, the reinforcing cage can also only be installed down to the statically-required depth. The borehole is then concreted using the Tremie method.


The manufacture of bore pile walls takes place in accordance with DIN 4124 or DIN EN 1536 as well as the recommendations by the Excavation Pit Working Group (EAB).